What is the situation as UI designer in Taiwan?

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This time I just like to express how’s the situation of being a UI designer in Taiwan, but I think this kind of situation could fit in any

designer/ engineer job in Taiwan,,( maybe there still 1 or 2% is exception for this case~).

This blog are going to focus on  what I consider why to the Taiwanese company not respect at those expert designer’s point of view. Before that, I’ll just express my observations that I gained during my time as a UI/web designer and developer in the gov or big/small company. Most of all, I had huge impact that they don’t accept new stuff,  so that if you gave them those new chichi jquery affect stuff, they will freak out and said” I felt some dizzying, why this circle turn round like this? ” or ” Is that anyone could know this stuff should be touch and show?”.

Well, what astonish me is their version of website could be just done by frontpage age ( or something like done by word file and just compile as HTML file), so in this case, I don’t think they do need any designer ( or someone has a sensibility of beauty)

Then the funny drama keep going on: Well, I don’t see this text color is good for the whole layout, could you change this text color? OK! fine @ you got to testing my color scheme theory, so I showed them

the Adobe Kuler

Which show the theory of color combination how it work out, they first just shot up their mouth cause they don’t expect you will show them art with science theory!  But couple days later, they will became aggressive even attack you cause they have no clue how to kick you down below their self-esteem!

Then I just totally realize: why those Taiwanese coworkers never explain their technical side, cause once you express your technical, you will get down to the hell more~~so they just shut up their mouth, do what ever the upper manager want, and ironically, those charge the company or project, usually they are sellers, or just get this manager status by relationship bla bla stuff, so they don’t care your skill or competence, they just care how to earn more and more, and do less and less ( but only for themselves), well, this is fine for me, I love to do more and more.

But they also want show their high status, show they are the manager, you are the lower case junk, so except not respect your skill, they want torture you.

So you could quit this job, it doesn’t matter for them, cause there are always has next victim.

You might ask question: is that not harm-able for a company that always change person work each 3 months? I was doubt too, but obviously, not at all!!

Cause the environment, or I should said, is all stacked ( the whole country is all isolated by new technology and information), so they used to see the antique website stuff.

Web design in Taiwan is focused on business image, rather than users and business goals, or long-term stuff.

So the shity look website still could get through thousands views per day, the company could still make money, quick and fast, but in long-term, they don’t care.

And here, they only use IE browser ( in gov, they used just IE 8), so they never accept any other browser, which means, once you done the website, you just have to

check IE browser, cause they never care others.

But as UI/Web designer, we knew that lots of good look affect is work first on Chrome or Firebox, so before we use it we got to consider about IE problem, if you couldn’t solve the problem, then you better

just ignore the new stuff, that’s why all the developers here never interested in new stuff.

Of course their still lots of wired side for the situation designer, I will be adding to this more, as I had suffered day by day, and any comments? or those one of 2% designer?

I will love to exchange your point of view!



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