Is that Angular.JS could replace the native app?

1Well, since like to learn Angular.js could be the most chic trend for those frond-end hanker, or, even for those HTML5 lovers. Since like to say: for those app developer, angular.js could be the menace. It’s basic by HTML, CSS and Javascript. and it is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. Easy to follow up the function and quiet reduce the develop cost. And before using Angular.js, you could use  a  generator tool  like YEOMAN which could help you configure the libraries for you more easily!

2And here is cool framework for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5

3This does like the Jquery-mobile that you could just define your class in html which has been define by css library and javascript, make your app more clean and better performance.

and here are some app example that creat by IONIC:

3Is just still that issues: is this web base app performance could be run better then native app?


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