Docker introduction

As sometime we need to run the project over the Virtual Machines (server), there’s has VMware, Microsoft or any other cloud VM, for VM introduction you could see more details here, or about what use virtuabox 

And this is our founder Alex who build the dev env for php environment, you could download here and install to play with

So Docker == VM ? yes you could say so, but ! Docker === VM

Why? compare other VM container, Docker could be:

A adapte any environment, either in Windows or MAC ( this is the key point, how many developers sacrificed huge time to play around with !!!), or in cloud, dedicated or any virtue server, so it’s easy to move your project from dedicated to cloud

B Faster deployed, developer could work under the container and it is very faster and easy to deployer your project

C Easy Management, compare traditional vm, for updating job it will take lots of time and configuration, for Docker it become more easier


Here is funny image but quick for you to get understand :

Conception of Docker

  • Image:  like vm’s Guest OS or any env like ubuntu ( which includ Apache or any other applications), image could build Docker container

image is R\O, read only

  • Container:  create by image, each image could create serveral different containers , container could be run, start, stop and delete, when container running it will build by container layer and with R\W mode, you could take container as simple Linux env

  • Registry: it is like github, stock images as each repositories, so you could install image from pull or you could make your own image to push


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