Docker: Installation


First you had to decide which version you need to install, like Windows or Mac

Here I will install Mac version:

1 go to and get the Stable version:


2. once download, go to Application, and click docker.dmg, then you will be start running installation

3. Once you see your docker has show on the right top menu bar, yes, that’s how easy it is, you had installed it already


4 open terminal, type

$docker –version


Once you see the version has been record, yes you are done

5 then go to top right menu Docker, right click to search Preference, here you could have further setting like start Docker as you log in or File Sharing path etc, but with Mac basically you could just leave as default setting


6 (Optional but recommend ) Install Kitematic, which is GUI interface allowed you easy to use Docker without typing lots command code


login your account docker hub


Then you all set, wow you have great interface to get any Docker image, container


So you are all done, you could use those command to check your images or containers:

$ docker images

$ docker ps -a

7 Create your first image

go to Kitematic, choice one of your image, here I tried hello-world-nginx

once created, Kitematic will pop to runing page, click web preview part

voila, how easy it is you had create your first page in your localhost:

8 Modified your first container page

stick on Kitematic, under volumes block , click right it will show the file path to running this image:


modified your index.html file

<p>Ok, so try out if it is working</p>

Once your process, Docker will stop running, so you just had to restart

then go to the browser check, it is had modified


Then type:

$ docker images

REPOSITORY                    TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE

kitematic/hello-world-nginx   latest              03b4557ad7b9        2 years ago         7.91MB

You will see you had a Repository hello-world-nginx

Next, play how to install nginx web server